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We Specialize in Small and Lower Middle Market Businesses in the Service Industry.

We are Orda Strategic, a


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Private Equity Firm

We specialize in Small and Lower Middle Market businesses in the Service Industry to : 


Help them grow through Business Consulting with a focus on Process Development, Strategic Planning, Automation and Revenue Growth.


Design New Services, Strategic Marketing Campaigns, and Streams of Revenue.


Pivot or iterate new directions for existing businesses in the service industry or buy, build, and manage service businesses of owners with no succession plan.


We employ original, outside-the-box ideas & concepts, implementation, & strategic marketing to redesign to grow stagnant businesses and set them up for success. Our goal is to modernize the service industry and create unique value to enhance the consumer experience.

Benefits for Business & Investment

Innovation & Business Growth

We assess your market, business model, competitors, and analyze other industries to propose the innovative solutions, expense reduction, and the next steps for growing your business.

Create Unique Ventures

Starting a new business is incredibly difficult, but creating value innovation in the service niche can set you apart. Businesses in the service industry are comprised of the largest percentage of millionaires in the 

Strategic Investment

Investing in the service industry is not only recession proof (people will always have to fix their leaking roof) but provides modest to excellent returns. Many of these businesses are severely outdated, so we use our expertise and resources to modernize and scale them.

Who We Work With

We only work with two demographics of clientele:


Established businesses with open-minded owners in the Service Industry. Our experience in this vertical and the skills developed we’ve developed are a perfect tandem for entrepreneurs seeking new methods of growing their business. Choose Business Growth below to learn more on how we can help you increase your profit margins.


Individuals or groups with financial resources seeking new profitable opportunities in the service space. Our network within the service industry provides insight on the best opportunities for new business models or the purchase of a business as a long-term investment option. Choose investment below to learn more on how you can diversify your portfolio.


Our Clients Love Us

When I first started my business, I was all over the place. A friend of mine put me in touch with Orda Strategic. He said they would help me figure out a strategy and marketing plan for my business and it was the best thing to happen to us! We’ve increased profits tenfold, expenses are at a bare minimum, and created a new twist on an old business no one else in Chicago was offering. Thank you!

Ryan S.

Nectarine Clean

Chicago, IL

Business Owner 

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