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 We Create Unique Opportunities For The Ambitious Entrepreneur Seeking New Ventures or Transformation of Their Existing Business in the Service Industry

Innovation Consulting,Design Thinking,&Strategic Marketing


To be a pioneer,current and future business owners need to be versatile,executing growth in multiple specialties simultaneously to stay ahead of the curve. And in this fast-paced,digital world,businesses are expected to keep up. We give the forward-thinking entrepreneur a head-start.


In order to be successful and stand the test of time,you need to offer something unique. You need to create value for the clients you wish to serve. And that isn’t just a clever marketing campaign,it starts with the service you offer.


At Orda Strategic,we created a versatile business model combining 4 disciplines (innovation consulting,design thinking,business management,and strategic marketing) necessary for every business in the service industry to be successful. We apply the same process with each and every client,to create an innovative new offering for your current and future customer base.


Our specialties are creating ventures and re-inventing businesses to stand out in over-saturated markets of the service industry. We focus on creating value that enhance your customers’experience and solve their problems. And we do this while eliminating unnecessary expenses and growing revenue.


We don’t believe in handing over a power-point and collecting a check,we like to get our hands dirty. We see ourselves as your business adviser,blogger,R&D department,or simply the co-founder you’ve been looking for. Our multi-dimensional skill set allows us to wear many hats and create value innovation to separate yourself from the pack.

Who We Work With

We work with two kinds of clientele –established businesses with open-minded owners in the service space and well-funded individuals or groups seeking new opportunities,and often connect the two.


Restaurants,bars,hotels,casinos,resorts,and other service businesses that provide hospitality.

Culture &Entertainment

Digital Media,Music,Fashion,Art,Cultural Events and Festivals.

Service Providers

Residential,Commercial,Personal Service Providers,and Real Estate Businesses. 

Tech Services

Emerging Technology and start-ups in the service space.


OurClients Love Us

When I first started my business,I was all over the place. A friend of mine put me in touch with Orda Strategic. He said they would help me figure out a strategy and marketing plan for my business and it was the best thing to happen to us! We’ve increased profits tenfold,eliminated unnecessary expenses,and created a new twist on an old business no one else in Chicago was offering. Thank you!

Ryan Santiago

Nectarine Clean


Business Owner 

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