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We are the only End to End Digital Marketing + Consulting Agency 

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 “There will be companies, let’s call them ‘cagencies’”,[…]”These are consultancies that are moving rapidly into what used to be the agency space. And also agencies are trying to acquire some business consultancy skills as well as tech.”

Anatoly Roytman

EALA managing director




By making your business different, your current competitors become irrelevant and digital marketing more effective. You can charge what you feel your product or services are worth instead of cutting prices or spending more to compete.

How Can We Do This?

We use a strategically designed system built through a mix of multiple business strategies and finish strong with targeted marketing. Click below to find out more.




Our system remodels entire organizations into high value, interesting, and one of a kind businesses. By offering consumers a new, better experience you establish your position as the leader of an untapped market.

How is This a Benefit?

The average attention span in 2018 is 8 seconds. 8 seconds to tell the world what you do. If you sell “burgers and fries”

do you think you’ll be remembered? What if you sell “Chef-driven yak and ostrich burgers”? Differentiating is the single most important strategy moving into the next decade.


Your Business


By removing the need for competition and lowering your expenses, you have more cash flow to spend on marketing your business and it’s easier since there are more keywords available, it’s easier to go viral, etc. Increased exposure = more customers =more revenue.

How is This a Benefit?

 Everyone claims to be able to grow your business. We’ve combined some of most famous business and marketing strategies, utilize new platforms, mix in our own innovation, and set you for success while tracking your growth. We filled in the missing components that have brought 

Orda Strategic helped me design my business plan from the ground up, did our branding, built our systems, and created a business in a market that didn’t exist before. Sales are growing every month  and we can’t keep up with demand. These guys are the real deal.

Alex K

NiteLite / AK Productions

Chicago, IL

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