Business Process Automation

Automating Your Workflows

What is BPA?

Business Process Automation, or BPA, is defined as computer programmed steps in a workflow that require little to no human interaction to achieve results faster and free up resources.

There is a lot of fear and confusion surrounding automation and its potential to displace many jobs. But throughout history, fear mongering of new technology has always blown over. Whether it’s been suspicion of ethnic groups working lower wages or new technology such as the assembly line and computers, the media has always blown things out of proportion to satisfy their agenda. Automation will not take jobs away, it will create millions of more jobs that may require more skill but allow people the ability to advance their careers.

For example, we recently worked with an optometrist in St. Petersburg, FL. Their situation was repeated human errors caused patients to receive the wrong prescriptions or not receive their glasses at all. Rushing through patients and incorrectly labeling the prescription was creating a customer service nightmare.

We analyzed the workflow and built out a simple program that would allow the Optometry Manager to simply answer a few questions from their iPad, print out a ready made prescription, manually sign it, and then delete all the data to prevent security breaches.

Implementing this simple system caused 85% higher customer satisfaction and reduced the margin of error to <2%. Most importantly the young lady who we had worked with didn’t have to work on her days off anymore.

What is the patient’s information?

Are they Near Sighted (-) or Far Sighted (+)?

Choose from the drop-down the frame of choice. (with pictures)

Will the patient pick up the lenses or do they want them mailed?

Take the information, create a prescription with the technical data, and print out to sign. Delete all data after 1 hour.

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