The 4 Pillars of Business Development

How To Run a Business in The Age of Automation

How To Run A Successful Business – 4 Pillars

The Age of Automation is already upon us…and has been for a few years now. But does it affect you and your ability on how to run a business? And what is it exactly? According to Webster’s Automation is defined as  automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor.”

While many people fear automation, fueled by frantic cries from the media such as articles like this or this, it is often unfounded. Yes, automation will make many jobs obsolete but did email eliminate the need for the postal service? Did digital communication eliminate the need for paper? While it undoubtedly did hurt these industries, it created millions more jobs than it eliminated. And automation is the next step of human advancement.

At Orda Strategic, our goal is to help businesses like yours rapidly grow WITH automation rather than against it. Our process helps businesses grow, develop, and automate using our 4 Pillars System for how to run a business: Structure, Growth, Development, and Automation.


We first complete an audit of every business we work with. Are the processes correctly in place? Is there excessive spending? What are the Key Performance Indicators and are they being tracked?


The Structure is sound, KPIs are set, and finances are in order. Next we focus on Growth - increase revenue while managing finances to curb overspending on "marketing". We only choose the marketing channels that works best for YOUR industry. We build and execute a sales and marketing strategy, rapidly testing and fine tuning the process until we see results.


With a solid growth strategy in place and revenue coming in, we can begin to expand into other markets, align with strategic partners, and really let creativity flourish to separate your business from competitors. Not all businesses will need this and some will need it more so than anything else. We think is what every marketing company might call "innovation", we just do it by trade.


As the business grows and processes are laid out, we shift to Automation- cutting time on repetitive tasks and delivering results quicker. Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of the business can be operated more efficiently and re-align time to higher level thinking and creativity. With the ultimate goal of creating a business that is operated entirely on its own and giving you, the owner, more free time for the things that matter most - family and financial freedom.

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