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Mo Abour


Mo Abour is the founder of Orda Strategic- an Innovation Consulting, Design Thinking, and Digital Marketing Strategy Firm that helps create new and exciting ventures in the Service Industry. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and 10 years in the Service Industry, Mo acquired a variety of multi-dimensional skills and a knack for finding new ways to solve everyday problems. 

He came to realize that many business owners were starting endeavors in saturated markets without offering anything different. They were trying to compete by spending thousands on ineffective marketing solutions. Mo’s passion for bringing new ideas into the world combined with his desire to help entrepreneurs in the service industry implement growth and create value for their clients, inspired him to start Orda Strategic. He built a process that unified innovative management consulting, design thinking, and digital marketing, and set out to bridge the gap between the three industries. By offering something with a unique value proposition and a memorable human experience, Mo believes that businesses can cut unnecessary expenses, grow revenue, and define their brand as a pioneer of its own market. Recently they have expanded into private equity as a one stop solution for small and lower middle market service based businesses. 

Outside of work, Mo enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, reading, philosophical and political debates, winning his fantasy football leagues, and avoiding snakes and alligators in Florida when exploring with his dog, Caesar. 

Austin Zelius

Media & Production

Austin’s passion is the visual arts and Orda Strategic’s go-to guy for any photography or video production. Highly talented, Austin is skilled at capturing emotion without saying a word and bring client’s vision to life. Together, we are creating a new market in the photo & video realm.



As an intern Caesar’s day to day responsibilities is making sure staff remains motivated, security, and occupational therapy. He enjoys his free time sleeping, going on walks, and eagerly responding to “Who’s a good boy?”. He is currently working on his online MBA at Dogvry University.

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