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Creating A Boutique Consulting Firm

The Firm

Mo Abour is the founder of Orda Strategic- a Business Growth, Development and Automation Firm that helps  rapidly grow existing businesses in the Service Industry. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and 10 years in the Service Industry, Mo acquired a variety of multi-dimensional skills and a knack for finding new ways to solve everyday problems. 

He came to realize that many business owners were trying to compete by spending thousands on ineffective marketing solutions and “consulting”. Mo’s passion for bringing new ideas into the world combined with his desire to help entrepreneurs implement growth and create value for their clients, inspired him to start Orda Strategic. He assembled a team of like-minded individuals, and they built a process that redefined how businesses grow – the 4 Pillars of Business in the Age of Automation or just 4 Pillars for short.

Orda Strategic wraps the perks of a consulting group, marketing agency, and tech firm all into one (minus the excuses). We built this business model that has you, our future partner, at the helm. We didn’t think it’s fair for anyone to pay thousands of dollars for a powerpoint or a chart you don’t understand. That’s why we explain everything we do and how operations, marketing, and sales go hand in hand – it’s silly to think that a marketing agency is a solution to lack of sales or declining growth. We look at every aspect of the business from finances to sales to tech, build out the systems, foster growth, design creative campaigns or pivot the business in a more unique direction, and finally streamline and automate processes. 

By offering something with a unique value proposition and a memorable human experience, Orda Strategic believes that businesses can cut unnecessary expenses, grow revenue, and define their brand as a pioneer in its own market. 

Meet The Team

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Mo is the founder of Orda Strategic – A Hybrid Business Development Firm in South Florida. With nearly 8 years in management, marketing, and ownership roles, Mo’s focus is primarily in business growth and automation. Along with Sterling Point Advisors, they are planning a unified re-brand in the coming months. 

Mo Abour

Founder, Orda Strategic

Aaron, earned a Juris Doctor from The University of Akron in addition to a Master of Business Administration, summa cum laude, in Finance. He owns Sterling Point Advisors, a business advisory firm focused on financial consulting and M&A transactions for privately held businesses. Along with Orda Strategic, they are planning to launch a unified re-brand in the coming months.

Aaron Kroll

Founder, Sterling Point

Austin, a Tampa native, manages the digital media needs of the firm. Whether it’s photography, videography, production or design, he’s Orda Strategic’s go to guy.

Austin Zeli

Founder, Zeli Media