Nectarine Clean

Innovation in Property Services

Chicago, IL

To compete in an over-saturated market dominated by industry veterans, we figured the best course of action is to not compete at all…


Introduced by a personal friend, the owner of Nectarine Clean was in a dire state. After pouring thousands of his own money into a kitchen exhaust cleaning company, his business was on the brink of failure. A high risk of liability, tough working conditions, fierce competition undercutting the market, and a lack of reliable employees caused the perfect storm to hemorrhage Nectarine Clean’s finances. We felt the urgency and got to work right away.


We began by eliminating all unnecessary expenses with low ROI, services that could result in a risk management nightmare, all residential services and any offering that required more than 2 employees. Back down to bare bones, we had the equipment and the owner left. We then did thorough market research of kitchen exhaust cleaning and pressure washing companies in Chicago and found a stiff market engaged in a price war. 


Although the situation was critical, we decided not to compete with them on price but to instead to create something of value. We began to look at other industries and ways to utilize a pressure washing rig. We ideated, prototyped, and tested various services and finally found viable solutions that were not being offered in a region of 9 million people.


Our new niche was directed specifically for the food and beverage industry with a focus on cooking and outdoor equipment, beautification, and sanitation. We found that this industry faced a problem of cleaning these oft-forgotten assets. Most of these businesses don’t think about it until a health inspection is around the corner. Coupled with a lack of process it creates a high risk of workplace injuries. So we built the process ourselves in hopes of alleviating this frustration.


Finally we pivoted the company to focus solely on restaurants, food trucks, and equipment distributors. We specialized in services that other businesses were not offering and created a Sales & Marketing machine to create a new brand identity and increase revenue.


The results were astounding. Within 5 months not only did Nectarine Clean generate enough revenue to be sustainable but it was also able to turn a profit. Clients were very excited that they no longer had to deal with the headache and the service priced at an affordable rate. We encouraged the business to focus on building relationships through transparency and honesty, with immediate benefits and referrals. Nearly all became returning customers, and some even opted for a monthly plan. 


% Increase in Revenue 


% Return on Initial Investment


New Clients


% profit margin

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