Meet The Founder

Hello! This is our fearless leader Caesar. 


Here are a few quick facts:


  • He’s 4 ½ years old
  • German shepherd, staffordshire terrier, Alaskan malamute mix. 
  • Aspires to one day be a movie star
  • Enjoys walks and eating pizza. 
  • He can balance things on his nose, bark on command, and sings along to The Eagles

Our Story

Just kidding, I’m Mo Abour and I’m the real founder of Orda Strategic Marketing. Unfortunately dogs haven’t been given rights yet so they can’t start companies. So until that happens Caesar’s just our adviser. 


Originally from Chicago, I graduated from the University of Illinois in 2014. I worked in a few hospitality groups as a general manager for a few years. While grateful for the experience, after I quit, I made the decision to never work for a paycheck again. 


I traveled for a bit and I began to read a lot. I refined my business knowledge, learned everything I could about marketing and consulting, and then applied the strategies on small businesses owned by a friend. I wanted to created something that would help businesses become more strategic, utilize my creative talents, and create new and exciting businesses for the world. 


And hence, Orda Strategic Marketing was born, the first of its kind: a digital marketing + consulting agency with one specialty: value innovation, which is lowering costs and raising value. We combine multiple business strategies and original thinking to create new markets for small businesses. Our approach is rather than face competitors head on we will just create new industries. I realized that with an interesting new product, you have an easier time reaching these new markets and generating buzz among your own. Ironically, Accenture predicted agencies like this will soon exist and they were right.

Mo Abour


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