Director Salvador Canalizo

Mexico City, Mexico

Luces, Camara, Accion!!


After a random connection on LinkedIn, we were introduced to Salvador Canalizo, a director from Mexico City, Mexico. We were told that while he is very skilled at directing and producing film, his aptitude for marketing them wasn’t the greatest. We were very excited for a new challenge and an opportunity to learn a foreign market (and try our Spanish as well!)


After a discovery meeting we put our heads together and came up with a game plan. We decided to take an experiential marketing approach and bring the actors to their fans (in a not-so-secretive disguise). The activation was to be set up with hidden cameras around the park and would be used to create an authentic word of mouth (and video) campaign to promote the movie. By creating a customer centric experience with their favorite stars, the reactions alone should garner better results than any advertisement could.

As they’re gearing up to launch the campaign, we reached out to Salvador for a few words on how we can improve our service and he sent us back a recommendation on LinkedIn…and a Video! Watch it below!


Mo is a visionary. He came to my assistance earlier this month. We reached out to him for Strategic Marketing Consulting for an upcoming film project.

He was able to design an innovative strategy on how we could incorporate experiential marketing to promote said project, as well as creating our own channels to help our project stand out. It was an overall fantastic job and i’m glad he was the one to assist the team. I’ll be sure to invite him to the premiere!

Salvador Canalizo Coral

Director, Upcoming Film in Mexico City