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Pressure washing

Chicago, IL


From Pressure Washing to an art of detailing


Introduced by a personal friend, the owner of Nectarine Clean was in a dire state. After pouring thousands of his own money into a kitchen exhaust cleaning company, his business was on the brink of failure. A high risk of liability, tough working conditions, fierce competition undercutting the market, and a lack of reliable employees caused the perfect storm to hemorrhage Nectarine Clean’s finances. We felt the urgency and got to work right away.

We began by eliminating all unnecessary expenses with low ROI, risky and residential services and any offering that required more than 2 employees. Back down to bare bones, we had the equipment and the owner left. We then did thorough market research of kitchen exhaust cleaning and pressure washing companies in Chicago and found a stiff market engaged in a price war.

Although the situation was critical, we decided not to compete with them on price but to instead to create something of value. We began to look at other industries and ways to utilize a pressure washing rig. We ideated, prototyped, and tested various services and finally found a viable solution.


Our new niche was hyper-focused on niche services of the restaurant and recreation industry. We used pressure washing to clean awnings, patio furniture, fountains, playground equipment, beer gardens, conventional ovens, and Barbeque smokers. By eliminating the risks of their own employees getting a workplace injury, helping restaurants prepare for health inspections, and focusing on niche cleaning that other businesses were ignoring.

Within 3 months, net profit had doubled and shifted into the green. 2 months later, profit had quadrupled. With the first in the books, we are planning on re-branding and launching a full scale campaign to segment and corner the market.



At a net profit of -$4k, Nectarine Clean was in dire straits. This was our first project so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

3 Months

Within 3 months, we had already made a notable difference. Now it was time to maximize that.

After 5 Months

2 months later we had nearly quadrupled our production, eliminated most of our expenses and focused solely on services that utilized one or two chemicals.


When I first started at Nectarine Clean, we were all over the place. After nearly going bankrupt a friend of mine put me in touch with Mo.

He said he would help us figure out a strategy and marketing plan for our business and I put him in touch with the owner. And honestly it was the best thing to happen to us! He physically worked alongside us, changed the direction and rebuilt the company.

We’ve increased profits tenfold, expenses are at a bare minimum, and created a new twist on an old business no one else in Chicago was offering. I couldn’t be more grateful, thanks man!

John P.

Owner, R & R Chicago