Project Who Dat

New Orleans, LA

From metairie to mars!


Jason, Founder of Project Who Dat, reached out to us for a bit of help designing a business plan and creative marketing campaign. After their initial video of a weather balloon and GoPro going to near space had gone viral, Jason and his cousin wanted to turn it into a positive message for the community and inspire the next generation of aerospace innovation. Their hopes were to design a competition and attract start-ups and tech firms to relocate to Louisiana, boost the economy, and create a passion for the stars among students in the state, inspiring them to dream even bigger.


Although the initial plan was a strategic consultation, we helped re-brand their video for a social media campaign, build out their marketing plan in preparation of the launch of their new website.

We loved what they were doing, as did the community, and set them on a path for success. We wish them the best of luck!


“Mo Abour is an exceptional professional and can handle any jobs you would request. No task is too difficult and I fully expect that he would exceed all expectations. Incredibly easy to get along with and has very high expectations of himself, resulting in very high quality of work.”


Jason M.

Founder, Project Who Dat