3D Musketeers

Tampa, FL


3D Printing new industries


Grant, owner of 3D Musketeers, a specialized B2B 3D Printing Service Bureau in Tampa, FL, was struggling finding employees who cared about his business as much as he did. Being new to the area, we offered a hand in building out the sales & marketing side as well as pivoting the business in a new, pioneering direction. We suggested focusing on industries that haven’t utilized the wonders of 3D Printing and helping them learn and understand the benefits of outsourcing to a service bureau. We also shifted the company from B2C to primarily B2B (although one of their divisions is solely B2C) and targeted markets that no one in the U.S. was looking at.


Rather than compete in industries dominated by enterprise level businesses, we focused on an approach of figuring out how businesses can implement 3D Printing in their processes to save time or grow their profit.

3D Musketeers is still currently a client and this page will be updated as the transition is completed.


The Orda Strategic has been pivotal in building 3D Musketeers to what it is today.  Prior to working with Mo and his team, 3DM had gone through a slew of other marketing firms that simply did not understand our market, or flat out lied about their capabilities. 

Orda Strategic understands the ideology of Under Promising and Over Delivering, making Mo and his team assets to 3DM as we continue to grow through 2019 and beyond.


Grant P.

Founder, 3D Musketeers