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Private Equity with Orda Strategic

Compared to other investment opportunities, diversifying your portfolio with proven service businesses in growing markets will not only be less risky, but also yield much higher returns – sooner and for a longer period of time.

Recession-Proof Businesses

Whether we’re in a recession or worse, consumers will still have to spend on necessities. We look for opportunities that can survive economic hardship or even grow such as roofing companies, fire restoration, and auto repair.

Modest Returns 

With lower upfront cost than investing in a tech start up and the ability to scale in a proven industry, investing in service businesses is a solid choice. We provide due diligence, thorough investigation, and projected short/long term risk for every asset we consider acquiring.

Vertically Integrated Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in the service industry, marketing, and innovative conceptualization we created a vertically integrated machine that can pivot or iterate every acquired business, market, and scale – all in-house.


We seek out problem solving, creative thinking, and analytical minds to constantly find inefficiencies, new ideas for growth, and innovative new concepts. By constantly diversifying our portfolio, the options become endless!

Venture Creation

Most people dreams of achieving residual passive income, making money while you sleep. Yet many do not know the difficulties that come with choosing an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Social Media Gurus have vastly distorted what a true entrepreneur is… and the trials and tribulations that come with it. With 10+ years in the service industry, we have the experience, resources and systems so you can build your dream business without the costly mistakes. 

Intelligent Design

From a sheet of paper to brick & mortar, we work with you to outline every detail of your new venture. We build, test , and analyze every concept in your chosen market to ensure your business will thrive before you spend a dime.

Unique Value

Every venture we create is branded as one of a kind. Never replicated, always imitated..to no avail.


We’re there for every decision: advising, assessing, and helping you avoid mistakes before they happen.


You’re connected with our network of trusted advisors, business owners, and experienced management professionals for feedback, ideas to improve, and potential future clients!

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